Mac Pro 2009 Bluetooth Fix

This came about after buying a Magic Mouse and finding that the mouse wasn’t working how it should. The pointer was lagging and the mouse would disconnect and reconnect at random .

Taking a look on the net I found lots who have the same problem even with older Mac Pros. There is a fix for the older models which involves swapping antenna wires that go to the bluetooth card. Now I can’t verify this but some say the labels on the antenna cables are wrong but it could be that the wire swap fix uses the airport antenna instead of the bluetooth antenna ?

More info on the wire swap fix can be found here

If you contact Apple for a repair they will change your Bluetooth module and the problem will still be there, Don’t even waist money or time on tech support phone calls or spent time and petrol driving to your closest Apple Store just save lots of stress spend a few minutes to read this blog and understand what the problem is and how YOU can sort it yourself.

So I decided to take a closer look and came to the conclusion that the Mac Pro bluetooth antenna does not work as it should. This could be down to bad placement, bad designed antenna or the metal of the case.

Where is the bluetooth antenna ?

If you try to follow the bluetooth antenna cable you see it goes behind the motherboard but impossible to follow.

I wanted to know so out came my motherboard. You can see from the picture below that is on the right sort of behind the PCI blanks.

The antenna is flat, about half inch wide and 3 inch tall. Looks pretty rubbish. Sorry I didn’t take any photos.

After more research I have found 2 possible fixes both costing about £10.

After more research I have found 3  possible fixes 2 of them costing about £10 and one free.

The Free and easiest

Move your Tower closer to your mouse. Mine is under my thick desk about a meter away.

Reports that 50cm tower to mouse works fine.

For some people like me this is not an option as I want my tower under my desk and not on it.

The second way  (EASY) Cost £10

The first and easiest.

Buy yourself a usb adaptor plug it in and off you go.. Well not exactly. SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE ON WHICH USB ADAPTOR IS BEST

See update 2 about where to plug the usb adaptor in.

Adding a Usb bluetooth adaptor will get your Bluetooth working but you might not be able to wake up from BT or might have problems after with scrolling.

It seems that 2 bluetooths together aren’t so happy. So to fix this you will need to disconnect the original apple bluetooth located on the motherboard .

1: Remove power cable .

2: Remove case cover

3. Remove processor tray.

4. Locate bluetooth card and disconned the small plug on the left hand side.

5. Put back in reverse order.



I prefer this way as I’m not adding any hardware as such I’m just replacing the antenna. This way no usb ports are being used and you use your original bluetooth card.

You will need to buy 2 things. EBAY is your friend. I got mine from ipodaccessorieshop in the UK

Doing this will not invalidate your warranty. It’s a 5 minute job to remove before your Mac goes for repair.

This is also the best way if you want to wake up from BT as everything should work fine after.

A wifi antenna. As wifi uses the same frequency as bluetooth.

A U.FL Mini Pci to RP-SMA CABLE to connect from the bluetooth card to the new antenna.

1: Remove power cable .

2: Remove case cover

3. Remove processor tray.

4.  Undo the 2 screws and remove the PCI holder plate

5. Press the button on the fan and at the same time push the metal bar on the left side of the graphics card to the left

6. While the metal bar is on the left pull the graphics card towards you to remove it. Put card in a safe place where you won’t stand on it or spill you tea on it.

7.Remove a PCI blank and drill a 6.5mm hole in the middle.

8. Fit the RP-SMA connector and tighten the locking nut.

9. Put a little insulation tape on the other end as we need to fish this behind a support and don’t was to short anything on the motherboard.

10. Pass cable behind support and fit the PCI  blank into place

11. Disconnect the old antenna.Its a very small plug and you must pull it  forward towards you (away from motherboard)  and connect the new U.FL cable. Tie up and insulate the old antenna cable to avoid short circuits.

12. Refit all in reverse .

13. Screw  new antenna into back.


My bluetooth works fine now with my original bluetooth card and new antenna. I have tried it from far away as possible 5-6 metres and works fine.

The other thing to do is add your mouse as a  favorite in the bluetooth preferences.

Your comments are welcome…


It seems that some people still have problems waking up the computer or an unresponsive mouse after wake up. It could be down to the type of usb bluetooth adaptor you are using. Apple recommends a D-Link DBT-120 USB-to-Bluetooth adapter, revision B2 or later


Some reports of the  Magic Mouse still stuttering when using  usb bluetooth adaptor due to placement of the adaptor .

I would recommend plugging it into your keyboard, monitor or something relatively close to your  Magic Mouse..


Added a 3rd easy and free way to improve bluetooth reception by moving your Mac Pro tower nearer your Magic Mouse

have a nice day and happy fixing.


Reports that the Targus USB adapter that Staples sells for $25 works even with wake up. Targus USB adapter that Staples sells does not work properly after wake up.


Apple recommends a D-Link DBT-120 USB-to-Bluetooth adapter, revision B2 or later

Reports that the latest version v.C1 is not working .

Update 6.

It would seem that it is the case causing the bad bluetooth signal.  The material or the coating of the case is somehow interfering /blocking the signal getting out of the case. Which might also explain why some people have better bluetooth results with the side cover left off.


Added a link which explains the wire swap fix for older models

The main discussion  is here,

I will keep updating as I find out more.


Added better way to remove graphics card without removing fan.. thanks pete


If after the modification your still having problems you could try a larger better quality antenna like a 38CM Alfa 9dBi.. Thanks Stelios

Remember if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

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188 thoughts on “Mac Pro 2009 Bluetooth Fix

  1. Thank you for this. My tower is in a recording studio and isolated inside a metal soundproof cabinet so there was no way of using a magic mouse or wireless keyboard without the mod you provided.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for the walkthrough of installing the antenna. I bought a used 2009 Mac Pro earlier this year and just this weekend moved it to a different room where it would sit about 5ft from my Magic Mouse. I was stunned to find my mouse jittering all over the place. So I was pleased to find all this info, ordered my antenna and cable yesterday from here in the UK, received it today, installed & working.

    Your a lifesaver – thank you.

    • Hi Steve,
      Glad it worked..
      All the best.

      • Nobbly, I too wanted to say thank you for this GREAT solution – mouse and trackpad are functioning exceptionally well on my MacPro – as good if not better than the iMac downstairs! The quality of the bluetooth signal seemed to degrade with the addition of PCI cards. I changed the parts slightly, and it may help another. I had trouble locating the correct U.FL Mini Pci to RP-SMA CABLE, and I did not have the patience to wait for it to be shipped through Amazon or eBay. However, I found a similar antenna with the wire connected at a hobby shop specializing in radio control toy cars, plane, helos, etc. The manufacturer is TRAXXAS, part #2237, “Antenna, TQ Transmitter 2.4GHz” With a slight modification to the plastic base, it works exceptionally well. Thank you again sir! Allan

      • Hi Allan
        Your welcome and thanks for your input.

  3. I also had problems with a lagging magic mouse. My MacPro, early 2009 is under my thick desk about a meter away.

    I also have 2 cinema display with huge power supply units which are placed on top of my mac. for me it helped to remove them from the top an place them next to the mac.

    I think the induction or something like that was to high. Perhaps this info prevents some unnecessary buyings.

  4. Hi nobblynoel,

    Todd Pearson here, again. Your fix has worked great for me, ever since I made some comments back in January of this year. However, in the last two or three days it has started lagging and almost freezing intermittently. Most of the time it works just fine, but then will just refuse to move. Haven’t changed anything in the setup you recommended – see my post (near the top of this page) for details of components I used. Any ideas as to why it should suddenly start to lose the effectiveness I’ve enjoyed with your fix?



    • A couple of possibilities. One is that you just need to clean the infrared sensor thing (I think it’s infrared). Another is the
      battery contacts.

      But I solved the intermittent problems I was having with the Magic Mouse only – not the keyboard or Magic Trackpad, and they went away after I restarted – by deleting this file:


  5. Hi everyone, I own a Mac Pro 2009 and after all these years my magic mouse was useless, it was only 1.5 metre away from the tower and it was lagging all the time. Having found this solution, I made the fix and now it works perfectly. However one thing I noticed was that even if the bluetooth is now better, it didn’t solve the Magic Mouse issue. This happened because at first I connected a 5dBi antenna thinking that it would be more than enough. Apparently it wasn’t…that’ s why I installed a 38CM Alfa 9dBi antenna which solves the problem. Now it works perfectly fine! So for people who still have problems, I guarantee that a stronger dBi antenna (preferably a goof quality one like a certified Alfa antenna) will do the job.

    • Hi Stelios,
      Thanks for your input. An interesting comment on the size of the antenna. Could be down to how the antenna is matched to the BT card. I have added update 9 to the main page.
      Thanks again

      • Yeah, the antenna I have connected now is very small, and it works better than the much larger one I bought at first (I’m assuming the larger one has more gain).

        So I think there are two things going on: 1. not all Magic Mouses are equal, and two possibilities for #2:

        A. Some antennas work better than others, and it’s the luck of the draw rather than the amount of gain.

        B. Not all RP-SMAblablabla cables are equal. The ones I bought first, which are too short for my 2008 Mac Pro, may be fongula.

  6. Hi People,
    Just a note to reiterate what almost every entry here says; nobbynoel’s fix works! I’ve been limping along with my old, wired Mighty Mouse since I bought the 2009 Mac Pro, because the bluetooth connection was much too weak to reliably use the Magic Mouse that came with the computer. The scroll wheel stopped functioning one too many times, and I decided I had to figure out how to get the bluetooth to work properly. Luckily, I stumbled onto this page.

    I had one complication that no one else seemed to have – all of my PCI slots were already in use. The bottom slot houses an ATI Radeon HD 4870 video card, in the middle slot is a USB card with 4 ports and the top slot has an eSATA card with 2 ports. I managed to drill a hole at the very edge of the USB card, just next to the 4th USB port (nearest the motherboard), and set the RP-SMA end of the bluetooth cable there. After connecting the antenna (, the Magic Mouse works great and the USB card still functions fine. Thank you, nobbynoel, for solving a frustrating problem.

    • HI Todd,
      Thanks for your info and glad I could help.
      I too am a photography fan and looking at your site i’m impressed by your client list. Also liking how you make the colours deep and vivid.
      Just spotted the new Fuji X100s. I will put it on my list..
      all the best

      • Hi Nobbly,
        Thanks for your comments, but more importantly, thank you for your great solution to the bluetooth problem.
        The cameras used in taking the images on my website are kind of all over the map…
        Linhof Technikardan 4×5
        Fuji GX 680 III
        Mamiya 7II 6×7
        Contax 645
        Canon 1Ds Mark III
        Canon 1D Mark III
        Canon 5D Mark II
        Canon 5D Mark III
        …I have not used a Fuji X100s, but it looks like a nice camera.

        Thanks again,

      • I have not used a Fuji X100s, but it looks like a nice camera.

        Thats because it’s not out yet. only announced a couple of days ago.

      • Okay, so I just happened to find a different antenna – $3 at All Electronics on Oxnard in Van Nuys, if anyone is in Los Angeles – and it’s working with the built-in BT. That plus the link Mr. Nobbly gave me a long time ago for a longer cable (which arrived but had the wrong connector on the antenna end – and the right one for the $3 BT antenna…and I don’t know what it’s called) was what it took.

        So length is not my problem anymore. Not even girth. Or even the BT card on the computer. I don’t need to use the USB dongle anymore now, which means I can put the machine to sleep.

        However, one curious issue did come up. My Magic Mouse was a little jerky with the Nobbly Special Set-Up, even though my Magic Trackpad worked fine. I blew out the mouse’s “lens” area with compressed air, and that was part of the problem, but it was still jerky. So I swapped mouses with my wife, who has an iMac (so her BT is right next to the mouse), and the problem went away.

        That means either that the internal BT/external antenna set-up isn’t as strong as the Targus USB dongle, or there are differences between Magic Mouses, or…who knows.

        Meanwhile it’ll be interesting to see whether the LMP-Adapter (a BT 10-key) works better with the built-in BT. A while ago I switched to this set-up: because the LMP-Adapter kept losing connection to the USB adapter – and not because of the signal strength but because of general ID issues.

        But the Mobee/Magic Trackpad set-up is the shizzle anyway; I’ll just use the LMP for special cases. Everyone who has a Magic Mouse and/or a Magic Trackpad MUST download Better Touch Tool, a magnificent donationware program. It lets you program all kinds of things. I’d never go back to the LMP adapter!

        Thanks for your help again, Nobbly.

      • HI nick,
        Thanks again for your input again. You must be the number 1 poster.
        I did find another problem with my mouse being jerky which I worked out to be my uneven desk where 2 sections join. I cut a piece of 2mm plastic sheet then same size as my mouse mat and put it underneath. Looks like the mouse needs a nice flat surface.
        About the Trackpad. I did have one with Better Touch Tool (BTT) but never found a use for it so I sold it. Although I love BTT with the Magic mouse especially a 1 finger left swipe to go back on an internet page.. :-)
        all the best

    • Todd, does that antenna have the right connector to plug directly into the BT card? Nobbly gave me a link to a longer cable than the ones on ebay (which are too short for my 2008 Mac Pro) a while ago, but it turned out to be the wrong cable when it arrived.

      I’ve been using the Targus BT adapter for a long time, and it works okay with the Apple-branded stuff – Magic Mouse, BT keyboard, and Magic Trackpad – (maybe once every 3-4 weeks I have to restart), but sleep is not very reliable, and a third-party 10-key I was using – LMP Adapter – kept losing connection so I stopped using it.

      So one of these days I’d like to go back to the internal BT card. But I have to find a longer RP blakf;adsf p;ojas df;oiajds cable first, and that’s not easy.

      • Hi Nick,
        I followed Noel’s instructions very closely. This is what he says to do, with a little more detail for those of us (me) who need the blanks filled in…
        1. Shut down
        2. Remove power cord
        3. Remove case cover on side of computer
        4. Remove processor tray
        5. Remove the screws and PCI holder plate.
        6. Push the button on the fan and slide the fan to the left, while simultaneously pushing the metal bar in front of the PCI connector panel to the left. You may not need to push the bar – it only helps to release the fan so it can easily be moved out of the way of the video card.
        7. Pull the video card directly to you (away from the motherboard) and remove it, along with any other PCI cards, from the machine.
        8. Remove one of the PCI blanks and drill a 1/4″ hole in it. I favored the side nearest the motherboard because that position may make it a bit easier to thread the bluetooth end (U.FL end) of the U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA cable down to the bluetooth card.
        [my installation was complicated because all my PCI slots were filled - see my original post above]
        9. Install the large end (RP-SMA end) of the U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA cable into the PCI blank, so that the threaded end will protrude from the computer when it is re-installed. Tighten the nut on the OUTSIDE of the PCI blank to hold it in place.
        10. Put some electrical tape over the small end (U.FL end) of the U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA cable so that it won’t short out anything on the motherboard as it is fished down to the bluetooth card in the lower section of the computer.
        11. Insert the PCI blank with the cable now attached into the PCI slot.
        12. Thread the small end (U.FL Mini PCI end) behind the support to someplace near the bluetooth card. Take care that the cable is clear of the PCI slots on the upper section of the computer, so that it will not get in the way of the video card or other PCI cards when they are re-installed.
        13. Disconnect the old bluetooth cable. Pull straight to you, away from the motherboard. Cover the end of that old cable with electrical tape and leave it in the machine. Secure it in the machine so it could be re-attached later if you have to send the computer to Apple. Apple would void your warranty if they saw Nobblynoel’s fix.
        14. Attach the small end of your new bluetooth cable… (…to the bluetooth card. Secure the excess cable (12″ is much more than long enough for the 2009 MacPro) by pulling the tab on the little black keeper next to the bluetooth card and putting it in there.
        15. Re-install your video card and any other PCI cards.
        16. Re-install the PCI plate holder.
        17. Push the fan back to the right.
        18. Re-install the processor tray.
        19. Put case cover back on computer.
        20. Screw new antenna…(
        …into the RP-SMA connector now sticking out of the PCI blank.
        21. Put power cable back in and power up computer.
        22. Test your Magic Mouse, and find that it works perfectly. Thank nobblynoel, who made this all possible.


      • Nick,
        I thought You had sorted your problems a long time ago?
        Forgive me for asking but is your problem still length? LOL…


      • My reply is in the wrong place, but Todd – I sincerely appreciate your posting the instructions, but I understand all that inside out. The question I have is only whether the antenna you bought from Amazon has the connector that goes to the BT card on it.

        But I see it doesn’t. And yeah, I drilled a hole in one of my PCI cards to attach the cable too.

        Nobbly, I think it’s only the cable length (yuk yuk). But I have one antenna that didn’t work very well, plus the cable was too short. It could be the card too at this point; while I always discharge the static electricity on the case before playing inside computers, it’s not impossible that I blew it out.

        (My workbench is the open back of my SUV, which has a polyester carpet that could possibly have fried the card. The reason is that all my computers are in the garage on the other side of my room for quiet – their fronts are on a shelf behind a trap door I had put into my wall.)

        Anyway, the 2008 Mac Pro needs at least 13″ of RPblablabla cable, and I still haven’t found a source for those.

      • Nick,

        Not cheap, but this should work for you:

        This is the solution I used on my MacPro4,1 plus an additional cable to give you 24″. Total cost $42+shipping. I’m waiting to hear back from the folks at JeffaTech for a quote on a custom cable which could be less than the 37$ for the two cables. Of course you could look for equivalent but cheaper parts on eBay. I had no luck there, though.

        The hard part to find was that “bulkhead” end on the u.fl-RPSMA cable which makes for a really clean install at PCI blank. If I had soldering skill, I could have made the custom cable myself from individual parts. But alas…

      • I’m replying in the wrong place again (there’s no Reply link underneath your post), but actually 12″ isn’t quite long enough. You can get those on eBay.

        Thanks though – I appreciate it!

      • Nick, I have a 2008 Mac Pro and just did the mod an hour ago using the JefaTech UFLRPSMA24 mentioned by Thomas. You can order it from them direct or via Amazon (they posted it there at my suggestion, great customer support attitude at JefaTech).

        The 24″ pigtail gives plenty to work with; I tucked the cable along the top edge of the motherboard and attached the RP-SMA using the cover for PCI slot 4 which I had available. Used a 1/4″ drill bit. By the way, the job is a lot easier if first you pull out HDD sleds 2, 3, and 4. That gives adequate room to maneuver.

        Externally I’m using a TP-Link TL-ANT2408C 8dBi indoor desktop antenna. It has a 50″ cable which gets the antenna within 24″ of my Magic Mouse. So far so good in terms of no mouse stutter or lag.

        Before the mod I was using a tiny RocketFish RF-MRBTAD dongle mounted in one of the USB slots on the back side of my monitor — 12″ from the mouse. Bluetooth Explorer’s Connection Quality Window showed that it enabled the Magic Mouse to have unwavering 100% Link Quality and RSSI between 0 and -12. But it introduced a strange problem — after Fast User Switching between accounts, the Magic Mouse would randomly lose scrolling function. This would cause BetterTouchTool to hang, and further it was then impossible to log out of the account or to cleanly shutdown. I would have to hard shutdown whenever it happened. Not good.

        So I’m hoping by using the internal BT module + external antenna the mouse will have good link quality and no random scrolling issues.

        FWIW, I ran Bluetooth Explorer for each scenario — internal BT + internal antenna, external dongle, and internal BT + external antenna.

        With the stock config the link quality stayed below 84, except when I handled the mouse it rose slightly (me the antenna?).

        With the dongle the link quality stayed at 100.

        With the internal BT and the external antenna’s current location the link quality generally averages 100% but I can trigger a momentary drop by fiddling my fingers along the edge of the mouse. As long as I don’t notice any stuttering I’ll leave the setup in place. And hopefully the scrolling issue is gone — won’t know for sure until I’ve done enough Fast User switches for the problem to occur if it is still there.

        Much obliged to Noel for the inspiration to do this simple mod.

      • HI there toxless,
        A very big thank you for your input. For the moment you win biggest post prize..LOL
        With this mod I can’t imagine you will have any problems with BT ever again.
        Please report back in a few weeks.
        All the best

      • Quick update to say that the mod has been great. For 3 months now has worked flawlessly, including no BTT funky scrolling behavior after fast switching. MagicMouse battery life greatly extended (3-4 weeks per charge vs 1-2 weeks previously). Smooth response. Mouse is connected instantly when the system wakes from sleep. Couldn’t ask for more! Thanks again for the mod tips, Noel!

  7. Thanks Nobbly! Your fix worked great. I’m in the US (NC), and here are the components I used.

    Because this external antennae is on a long cable, I can move it to maximize signal. I keep it right next to my mouse pad, and now I can run my battery down to about 3% with no issues.

    I highly recommend this JefaTech custom cable. More expensive than the cheap cables on amazon, but it was very well constructed and their customer service was excellent. The 12″ length was perfect for my MacPro4,1.

    • Hi Thomas,
      A BIG HELLO to all of the US.
      Thanks for the Info and the links and glad it worked.
      all the best

    • And I’m replying to Thomas in the wrong place yet again. Is this WordPress? It’s weird.

      Anyway, thanks for the reply. Again, I’m way ahead of you on the instructions, I just didn’t have a source for the cable.

      And I’m wondering whether I don’t have a bad BT card.

      • This is a reply to toxless (in the wrong place again – why is the Reply screen nowhere near the post? Weird.).

        Anyway, thanks very much for your reply. As I mentioned somewhere, I have suspicions that my internal BT card is not working right. In any case, I’m using a Targus adapter. It works very well, with the following two issues: 1. waking from sleep is fongula (you have to unplug/replug the adapter, and that works about 30% of the time); 2. every few days the mouse or trackpad will lose connection, and usually I have to restart.

        At one point I had the internal card working with an external antenna, but for some weird reason the signal wasn’t great.

        I should also add that I have an LMP-adapter BT 10-key (think that’s the brand) that lost connection to the Targus adapter a lot when I was using it. So I’m now using an Apple Magic Trackpad with a Mobee overlay/software as a 10-key. It’s pretty good.

  8. Well WOW……….THANK YOU!
    Apple replaced my entire Mac Pro to try & solve this problem
    But it was still there! The Technician admitted that…
    It is a design fault in the case & the RF inside the case also blocks the bluetooth signal & the more PCI cards you have the more interference you get.
    For instance my Magic Mouse was tolerable until I installed a Black Magic Extreme Video card, the killer was the 2 looped HDMI cables that link the card to the HD HMDI video input & output on a pci slot cover that comes with the card, as soon as I put them in, Bluetooth range was 1 to 2 feet maximum, so then Apple replaced my Bluetooth Module and antenna! STILL NO GOOD!
    So now I have a newer faster Mac Pro Dual Quad Core, double the memory & better graphics card at NO CHARGE.
    Then it cost me a few hours of research to find this fix online & AU$20 for the pigtail cable to attach the OEM mac Bluetooth module to an external antenna that I took off a WiFi media centre I don’t use (WiFi & Bluetooth are both 2.4G).
    I mounted the antenna between the HDMI input & output connectors as I had no blank spaces left.
    I call this a WIN WIN situation. THANKS so much for this fix it is the only real world option that give uncompromising functionality as is needed for the type of work done on these machines.

    Regards Shaun

    • Hi there,
      Sometimes I wonder what apple are thinking.
      Stick an antenna in a metal box.
      nobbly’s way. Stick an antenna on the outside of the metal box.
      which works better?

      oh,by the way, I wanted a friend in AU for when I plan a holiday there..LOL

      All the best nobbly

  9. Hi to all,

    My wife just change the antenna with a 6 euros U.FL Mini Pci to RP-SMA CABLE, and now, it’s just perfect !!!

    5 meters distance and still ok !

    the macpro is a early 2010, 2x 6 cores ….

    The cable is 20 cm long, it’s just enough , but we have to put the hole as near as possible from the mother board

    thanks for advise

    Phil & Isa (Metz, France)

  10. Hello, thanks for the info. I have a early 2010 mac pro (2.8 quad) …Do you know if adding the new antenna is possible for this model? have moved my mac pro into the far corner of my room to reduce noise leaking onto microphones in a recording studio and now the bluetooth mouse is very stuttery.


    • HI there,
      Not sure but you can easily find out. Take your cover off and see if you have a U.FL Mini connector (google U.FL Mini if you don’t know).
      Then just make sure you order a cable long enough.
      Ant questions just ask..

      all the best

  11. Dude! Thank you for posting the ultimate $14 solution to the Early 2009 Mac Pro bluetooth problem. About a year ago, I set up my Mac to run my entertainment center, which required across-the-room control by wireless mouse and keyboard. I endured jumpy cursor movements and lost keyboard connections for the past year. Every fix I tried (OS, batteries, settings, etc) ended in failure. Adding the external antenna FINALLY fixed it! I can now control my computer and TV from the dining room (>25′), a feat previously unachievable. Thanks again.

  12. Thanks! FWIW I implemented the new antenna+wire fix just now, and others might like to know I got the parts at

    U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA Pigtail Antenna WiFi Cable
    2dBi RP-SMA Antenna for Wireless PCI Card, USB Wireless Adapter or Router

  13. I have an Early 2008 Mac Pro that up till the last few months, the Magic Mouse had been fine. Then real bad reception, jerk movements or even no movements at all. Tried all the things: batteries, take side case off, take mouse in to Mac Store. It just seemed to get worse. Stumbled on this website. Ordered a 12″ cable (that was $20) and an antennae ($2) and as of 5 minutes ago, everything seems to be working great! Took me about 30 minutes, and yes, the hardest part was drilling the hole. I’m almost embarrassed to want to tell people this is what I had to do with my Mac Pro to get it to work properly, but it is a good fix.

  14. Will the wifi antenna solution also work for my Mac Pro 3,1 (2008)?

  15. nobbly,

    Thanks for posting this info.
    Your solution also works well for me.

    I had similar problems, mouse and keyboard performance were less the great, lost connections, flaky tracking, but I just put up with it. Then one day, performance was terrible, almost unusable. While searching for solutions I came across your blog and your assessment of the problem and solutions seemed right to me. No need for me to experiment with removing covers or placing the MP in a different position, and I have had enough of wasting time with a genius in the store in the mall. I’ve received terrible customer service, at the fruit store at the juice bar( I mean the Apple Store Genius Bar) and online and on the phone. So I moved on to your solutions. Initially I used an old USB bluetooth dongle to return some functionality while waiting for the parts to arrive, and now with the cable and antenna, performance, range and reliability, are great.

    Thanks again, well done.

    MacPro mid 2010, 8 core, 5770

    I used a Kensington K33085 bluetooth dongle without issues, just plugged it into a USB port on the back of the monitor and everything except wake from sleep was functional. Even after waking from sleep(by pressing the power button) I had full bluetooth functionality. No need to unplug and replug it.

    I bought this antenna

    and these cables as I wanted to use a 12 inch long cable

    I have an extra cable if anyone needs one.

    I used a slot cover from an ancient pc because it was slightly thicker and seemed to support the antenna a bit better. I also have the antenna pointed down instead of up because it seems to give me better range, 5m up, 6m down. But either up or down is vastly superior to what I was dealing with before the mod/hack.

  16. It really works …
    It´s easy to do. Only with a bit of tinkering and little money.
    The only problem is that the bluetooth module connector is really small and it´s a bit hard to connect. It can take a few minutes to do.
    For the rest, is a great solution.
    At least, a friend gave me an old router antenna, so I didn´t pay for it.
    The mouse goes very fluid now.
    Thank you very much for helping.
    Best regards from Spain

  17. Well done!
    You’ve giving me hope….
    Mightn’t I also use this fix to improve my airport cards reception?
    I have a 2009 MacTower with the lousy internal antenna.


  18. Amazing info and very clear instructions, thanks! I have ordered the parts off the ‘net and am waiting for them to land. Can’t wait!

    • HI Dan
      It’s very easy to do and shouldn’t take you long at all. Let us know how you get on..
      Where did you buy the bits? Can you share your info for others ?

      All the best

  19. Hi, I don´t know if this topic is alive, but I´ll try with my question:
    Is necesary a 5.5db antenna or does it works fine with a 2.5 dB?
    It´s much more cheap…
    Thanks for your help and the work made with your blog, It´s very useful…
    Regards from Spain.

    • Bought both of these parts and just fixxored my Mac Pro. Works like it should from the factory. My magic touchpad is now stutter free, and my wireless keyboard hasn’t missed a keystroke yet. Thanks for this useful writeup with photos. Awesome sauce.

  20. Thanks for posting this. I thought there was something wrong with my machine. Stupid Apple. Drop a couple grand on a computer and I’ve gotta do mods myself to make it work properly.

  21. I’m just ordering the parts for this fix, it’s been driving me nuts for ages!
    I’ve noticed you can get SMA extension cables for not much money. Since my MacPro is under the desk I imagine that mounting the antenna on a shelf or wall will help, getting it away from interference and giving me line-of-sight anywhere in the room.

    Will let you know if makes much of a difference.


    • Just a heads up. Having now had a play with the connection monitor (not done the fix yet) I’ve noticed something interesting. I have a desk pad from IKEA, which is basically a massive sheet of metal covered in leather.

      Keyboard on the shelf. RSSI 0, on the mat RSSI -10.

      I wonder who else has a similar desk pad that, while not the sole problem, is making it a lot worse?

      • HI there Copey
        Any metal object will affect the Bt signal thats why the problem is here in the first place. The BT antenna on the Mac pro is placed inside the metal case.
        You will see a massive difference after you have modded you antenna..
        All the best

      • Just to reiterate: I’ve come to the sacrilegious conclusion that the Targus USB BT adapter is a better solution than the external antenna one. You just have to take it out and put it back in when you wake the computer from sleep; other than that it’s totally reliable.

    • Well, just done the modification and definitely an improvement. I’m sat on the other side of the room as I type this with no lag on my trackpad or dodgy key repeats (which is how the problem previously manifested itself.

      Having bought a 3m SMA extension lead with the other stuff I’ve been able to run a few tests by leaving the keyboard where I would normally use it and moving the antenna around. It would seem that angle makes a lot more difference to the signal than distance. I assume this is to do with the area of antenna presented to to the keyboard. 3m away from the keyboard with the antenna side on I’m still getting near perfect reception RSSI -2 to 0 while less than a 0.5m away with the antenna pointed directly at the keyboard see’s an RSSI of -8 to -6.

      It would seem that it’s worth using the quality monitor to fine tune your antenna position, especially if you’ve gone to all the trouble of replacing it. Thanks to the extension lead mine will be mounted on the wall next the TV giving me near perfect coverage of the whole room.

  22. Tank you very much!
    Now, with the new antenna I can use the MagicMouse as expected and after all get rid of all my wired stuff on the table :-)

  23. Just an update: I’ve been using the Targus USB-bluetooth adapter that Staples sells on my 2008 8×2.8 Mac Pro (because it works better than the antenna solution, which was starting to annoy me).

    There’s a trick to getting Better Touch Tool and the LMP-Adapter 10-key to wake up after sleep: simply remove the adapter from the USB hub and put it back in right away.

  24. Thanks for the tip, the wire swap did the trick for my 2006 MacPro 1.1. Seems to connect the BT to an antenna mounted internally at the front of the case which radically improved the signal strength and has sorted my trackpad problems totally. It’s now as smooth as silk, great job.

  25. thank you for this.. i’ve been getting loads of problems with my BT. i’m going to install a new antenna.

  26. Hey, just curious: how many dB of gain do the antennas you people are using have? I have one that’s not working, and I’m curious whether it’s actually *too* powerful.


  27. Thanks for this great information. I now can use my Magic Mouse and I am also thinking of getting a wireless keyboard. Best $2.40 I ever spent on a cable. Antenna came from an old D-Link router. The antenna happens to be grey and matches the finish of my Mac Pro early 2009) the range is now two room over.

    • Matt,
      This is what I want people to understand.You spent $2.40 and not much time to sort the problem when some people spend hours on the phone with tech support ( which costs too ) or lug their case to the Apple Store only to have the problem not fixed..
      All the best


  28. I just wanted to say thank you!.. I dont have mac pro or g5 etc etc.. but i do have a macbook that i turned into a desktop due to accident.. it was a great project but then the bluetooth seems to be weak.. im using magic mouse, wireless apple keyboard and track pad.. I have a mini mac pro/G5 style case from Mcally in aluminum which really affected the signal.. ive search and spent a few bucks just to make it better but none of em really made me content. bluetooth have flaws and having a corded gadget seems untidy then i found your blog… i wanted to take picture of my system to show but i didnt get a chance yet but i will. i bought the U.FL Mini Pci to RP-SMA CABLE and took my old antenna from my wireless card and viola! no more lag and things are working really good. it even made me comment here to appreciate! thanks again!

  29. My mouse batteries are lasting drastically longer. A bonus improvement I did not even expect.

    • OH,
      Interesting one that. First time I have heard of this but saying that I couldn’t use my mouse before I did the modifcation so I can’t compare.


  30. Another satisfied customer! Thank you – 2 years of suffering through the Mac Pro / Bluetooth disaster – with 3 service technicians telling me that my Bluetooth was working fine – and now officially cured. Thanks a million!!!!! No more wired keyboards / mouses for me – I am free, free, free at last!

    Cheers, again.

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  32. Thank you! It’s a good tutorial, I find all the stuff on ebay at 5$. It work really great. Do you know How I can test the strengh signal of bluetooth?

  33. Thank you so much for the fantastic post. I just purchased both parts from eBay sellers for a total of $6.63 for my early 2009 Mac Pro. I really hope this solves my problem in my recording studio.

    • Parts finally showed up (wire took 3 weeks from China) and I did the fix in 15 minutes. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! Thank you so much for this quick and inexpensive fix! Me and my recording studio are very happy now!!!!

      • Hi Michael. Glad it works. Another happy Apple user no thanks to Apple.
        Maybe you can share with us the site you used to buy your parts ?

        All the best..


      • “Another happy Apple user no thanks to Apple” You could not have said it better.

        I got this antenna:

        Which shipped from the Sates so it showed up very fast. $3.83 w/free shipping.

        Here is the seller in case that link up there dies:

        I got this wire:
        10 inches U.FL to RP-SMA female Pigtail PCI Card Cable

        Which cost $2.80 w/free shipping. It was shipped from overseas so it took about 3 weeks to get it. The seller was very clear in their communication that the shipping time could be anywhere from 1-3 weeks though so this was not a problem.

        And here is the seller in case that link above fails:

        Longest part of the install was drilling the hole.

        BTW everything wakes up from sleep no problem. I also suggest trying out not using a mouse mat with the Magic Mouse if it is between the mouse and your unit. I still had a little bit of lag after the fix but when I took away my mouse mat it tracked as good as my Magic Mouse+MacBook Pro combo. My MacPro is housed in a sound proof rack housing (with fan for venting) for silent operation in the studio so there is wood, metal, particle board, glass, etc. between my Magic Mouse and Mac Pro in the studio. This may not be the case for you. Distance is about 5-6 feet.

        Thanks again. The Apple forums are rampant with unhappy customers who have no solutions. By posting this fix you have really saved those of us who have the mid-2009 Mac Pro.

        P.S. and as far as warranty work, yeah, removal of this will take like, 5 min at the most should I ever need to get the unit in to the Genius Bar or Apple Repair place.

        P.P.S. A note on insulating the wire head to prevent shorting as and you fish it, and also the old bluetooth (marked “BT” and is black in color) head being insulated after you connect the new one: the airport card will be plainly visible towards the front of the case when you remove the “PCI holder plate.” One wire is not connected and it has some clear plastic sleeving protecting its head. I took this off and simply snipped it in half, recovered the wire it came from with half, and used the new piece I had created to cover the new Bluetooth wire when fishing it, and then removed the little piece and put it over the old Bluetooth wire head after the install was done.

      • Thanks for the info Michael.

        All the best..

  34. Hey Nobbly, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome tutorial! This solution has totally remedied all the Bluetooth issues with my Mac Pro 2009. I was getting constant signal dropouts with my magic trackpad, PS3 controller and Wiimote. Now with the external antenna on the back, I have a stronger signal from 25 feet away than I did previously from 18 inches away. I measured the signal quality before and after using the Bluetooth Explorer app in the Mac Dev Tools. The signal quality on my devices went from an abysmal previous average of about 10 to somewhere in the 90-100 range. Amazing difference! Thanks again!

  35. Hello,
    Question regarding step 5 and 6: Please explain why remove the fan and the graphics card on the opposite side of the bluetooth? I’m a little confused because I don’t see a photo for that step and I’m worried about making a mistake. Thank you so much. Tony

    • Hi tony,
      this guide applies to a 2009 Mac pro . On this machine the bluetooth module is on the right , the graphics card is on the right and the fan I’m talking about is on the left.
      I removed the graphics card simply to pass the cable behind it. You can see from photo 4 that it would be very untidy and i can’t remember but I think that there is no space between the card and the case to get a wire passed > also you would need a cable that is a lot longer.
      Another note is that you need to remove the fan before removing the graphics card as the fan acts as kind of a lock for the bar even though it’s on the other side.
      Tony don’t worry about making a mistake it’s incredibly easy.///
      All the best

  36. Hi,

    works also perfect to me using a 2006 MacPro (1,1).

    Please note: you’ve to pay attention to have a cable at least 30 cm/12″ long for 1,1 MacPro!

  37. nobblynoel

    How long does the cable need to be to route it neatly from the top PCI bay to the BT card ?

    (Yes) I’ve already ordered one off eBay but just to be doubly sure.
    (Incase I need to get a longer one……..)



    • Thats the thing I didn’t take note of the cable length so I can’t be sure. A 2009 BT module is close to the PCI slots where as the older machines have the BT module close to the front.
      I have answered the length question before and I guess that 8 inch/20cm is about as shout as can be.
      Please let me know what size you have and if it fits so I can update my blog with the correct minimum size…

      • The one I’ve ordered is supposed to be 30cm/12” long.
        Won’t be able to confirm until it arrives from the US Of A

        thanks & regards


      • Hi there,
        Hows it going ? Have you received you parts ?

      • Still waiting for the cable to arrive from the USA

      • The cable finally arrived today from the US.
        It’s about 30cm/12in long.
        (forgot to measure before installing.)

        Have it installed, and so far so good!

        The Magic Mouse isn’t stuttering like it was before.
        (Touch Wood)

        Thanks for posting the fix.



      • Out of curiosity I just tested how far I can get from Mac to Magic Mouse and it’s about 8.5 metres. I can’t get any further before the signal starts to drop in & out. That’s a straight line through a window using a 2db antenna.

        Once again, thanks for posting the fix.

  38. Thanks for publishing what I hope will fix my Mac Pro 2009 BT antenna glitch!

    Can confirm a BT USB Dongle fixes the Touch(y feeely) Mouse. It works a lot better with the ext BT dongle, but I hate the fact that I have to use an external BT to get it working!

    I picked up a Generic BT USB Dongle a while back for my PM G5.
    It worked a lot better than the D-Link one that Apple used to recommend.

    FYI: Here’s what System Profiler says about it:

    BSD Name: en4
    Product ID: 0×0001
    Vendor ID: 0x0a12 (Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.)
    Version: 31.64
    Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
    Location ID: 0×20200000
    Current Available (mA): 500
    Current Required (mA): 0

    I’ve ordered the parts you recommend off eBay.
    (I hope I brought the right ones.. They look right……..)

    Will take a while to arrive, as they’re being shipped from O/S.



    • HI there
      Well as this mod was carried out on a 2009 machine I’m sure it will work great
      Let us know how it goes..

      • Which generic one are you using, furbies, and does it wake up from sleep? I’d have been much happier using a USB adapter, frankly, but the three I tried – including the D-Link – all had fatal problems that made them unusable.

        Of course, the fact that it works on a G5 doesn’t automatically mean it’ll work on a Mac Pro, but I’d still be extremely interested to know what the brand is and where you bought it.


    • Hi All I don’t know who makes the generic BT USB Dongle I’m using.
      There’s nothing on the case to identify it.

      As for waking from sleep?
      I just had to do a hard restart, but I don’t know whether it was because of the BT USB Dongle or because I’d been messing about with System Preferences…..

      For now, I’m going to wait for the Antenna Fix parts from eBay to arrive, and see if that solves the BT Antenna glitch….

  39. Wow, excellent write up! You must really love your mouse to do all that to get it working ;) We thought you might like to improve your mouse with Fliders. Fliders make your mouse smooth while protecting its bottom and the surface beneath it. Learn more at

    • Hi there,
      looking at it it looks ok but it doesn’t say the u.fl is a mini but it looks like it.
      You can compare it to the one in my photo and it looks the same.
      The length should be way long enough.
      Just make sure you can exchange it if your not happy.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on and hope you repot back saying what a big difference it has made…..

      • I’d get a longer one, despite what I posted earlier about 12″ being okay. On my 2008 Mac Pro the 12″ one just a little short and I had to solder in an extra piece of wire.

    • Have ordered! Couldn’t find a longer cable, so this will have to do. Will update all if I can get it to work.

      FWIW, my challenge is that the MacPro is across the room in a closet… bluetooth just doesn’t quite get the 10 feet away and through a wall. My mac is a dual 3ghz dual-core xeon rig with 6gb ram. Think it’s a 2007ish model.

      • Just so you know, the distance and closet wall are only part of the problem; the rest is that the Mac Pro case blocks the signal. My machine is in on the other side of a wall too, but the mouse works fine with my MacBook Pro on the same shelf.

      • I have the same machine and 12″ is NOT long enough. I had the local electronics store make me an extention. The difference is amazing! Magic mouse is smooth as glass! The keyboard was fine for some reason so no difference there. Good Luck

  40. Thanks for all the great info here.

    I did the wire swop on my 2006 MacPro 1,1 years ago, and it made the Mighty Mouse I had then just about work (which it didn’t before).
    Then recently I got a Magic Mouse and it is jerky and unusable. Seems that the Magic Mouse needs more signal than the Mighty Mouse (or Trackpad or keyboard). Bluetooth Explorer in Developer Tools reported 95-100% for my Trackpad and Keyboard, and 70-75% for the Magic Mouse.

    So I did the external antenna mod and now all three are close to 100% nearly all the time, and NO jerkiness!

    I am UK and got my lead here:

    It is 30 cm long and is ONLY JUST long enough in a 2006 Mac Pro.

    I had to remove the BT module to plug in the lead…too difficult for me with it in situ. It requires quite a push to snap in and I was afraid of damaging the tiny connector by not having it lined up right.

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comments
      Yes I don’t know why companies use these small connectors they are too small. The first time I tried to get mine off i pulled it sideways instead of towards me, I’m talking about the connector LOL, and the cable came away and left the connector behind.
      I’m glad you got it sorted. it’s true what you say about the Magic Mouse needing a stronger signal. Some say that removing the battery cover of the Magic Mouse can help reception. Another case of something metal interfering with the signal.

      All the best

      • I just tried and that doesn’t work, nobbly – the MM gets all weird if you take off the battery cover.

        Meanwhile the BT daughter card can only pop in one way if you line up the two screw holes. I don’t see how you could possibly do any damage.

  41. Thanks for the tip – it worked. Now my mouse and keyboard perform properly, previously they would both drop out regularly, and even when connected were unresponsive, jerky and impossible to use.

    At the Apple repair center today I was told that Apple has instructed service centers to also replace the small ribbon cable that connects the BT module to the motherboard/backplane. Apparently Apple ships parts stripped – when they swapped my backplane and BT module, they moved all the old connector cables over to the new parts….

    I will be having that replaced as well at Apples expense, but plan to continue using the external antenna. My machine lives in a machine room of a music studio and cannot be connected with regular USB, so I’m dependent on a working BT, or a third part wireless system (like Logitech).

    The antenna I purchased was an Alfa +9dB antenna, slightly longer than the +5 ones commonly available on Amazon. The BT end of the adapter cable is quite difficult to attatch, it needs to be aligned properly then pushed firmly until it locks into place.

    The MacPro in question is the mid-2009 running Leopard (10.5.8).

    • Mine is in a music studio in a machine room (aka the garage on the other side of my studio/office, behind a trap door). That made the issue worse, because the wall is a real plaster “1-hour firewall” wall.

  42. Just a note and Thank you.
    I was having issues with my 09 MacPro and Magic Mouse as well. Since I did not have the issue with other mice (100% plastic case’s) I can only assume the aluminum bottom was acting as a shield. Since the MacPro is on the floor beneath my desk this is a problem. Not to mention the Desk is pretty thick. I can easily point the finger at apple for there BT discrepancies as it seems this is not there first time fowling up with the BT range on the MacPro. Either way, the problem is resolved. I no longer get the jumpy, slow, non responsive behavior from the Magic Mouse.

    Just in case you would like the resources…

    I purchased the cable and antenna all in one at (U.FL to RP-SMA Female Bulkhead 12″ and TriBand APXtender Indoor Rubber Duck – RP-SMA . The total cost was $35.85 with shipping.

  43. Well, I picked up a 12″ U.FL mini PCI to RP-SMA cable but it’s not long enough… Looks to me like it needs to be at least 13″ with out any routing just going straight to the bluetooth module. I took some pics but don’t see any way to post them here.
    I suppose the wire is a shielded by a braided wire covering. I’d like to solder an extension in to make it long enough. Any ideas there?

    This is a late 2007 model that the keyboard seems to work fine but the magic mouse is just not usable. I like it very much on the MacBook though.

    • bob mail me the photos and I will post them as an update

      • Noel,
        I don’t see you email link anywhere…

        Unless my old eyes are deceiving me, they’ve changed the location of the module. Mine appears to be towards the front of the logic board right above the graphics card.

        Thanks for any help

    • 13″ and it’s not enough? Where did you put the cable? I have a 18cm one (about 7″) and it’s fine. I routed it along the bluetooth card side, behind the metal shield, and I drilled the spacer close to the side and not in the center.

    • I sent you a mail to your quintex address .
      As you have a 2007 model the BT module might be in a different place.
      The BT module on a 2009 is just below the graphics card which it at the back of the machine.
      Thats why I would like to see you photos

      • I have added the wire swap link to the page..

      • I tried the wire swap first, the 4th wire isn’t long enough and to get at the harness I would have to remove the logic board. That’s why I wanted to try the external antenna fix.

      • Thanks, I’ll look for one. Did you get the pics? You might note that the 12″ wire isn’t long enough for the 2007 model.

      • I ended up going to the local ERI (electronics Resource Inc.) and having them make a 2″ extention. The difference is amazing! I can use my Magic Mouse and it’s smooth as glass! Thanks for the info.

        Consider posting the difference in length needed for newer models.

        Thanks again.


  44. I tried your “fix,” by disconnecting the wire inside, and using a Bluetooth adapter via USB.

    Without the wire, the mouse still didn’t work well. “Too much Bluetooth” seemed the logical cause for concern.

    After disconnecting both the hot wire and the antenna from the bluetooth piece inside the MacPro, the mouse with USB adapter worked great. I didn’t have the patience to make my own antenna like you did.

    But – here’s the rub – my Firewire was dead. I could no longer use any Firewire device.

    So, back into the machine. I re-connected the hot wire you say to disconnect, and now Firewire is back. I left the antenna wire dangling, still.

    So far, this seems to be a workable solution.

    • I can’t understand why your firewire would stop working..
      Adding an antenna is a very simple process and doesn’t take long but the main thing is you’ve found a solution that suits you to get your bluetooth working.

      • You must leave the built-in Bluetooth connected if you’re using a USB dongle. It won’t work at all without it…however it won’t work 100% with it either; in my case the best I could do was get it to work but not wake up from sleep.


        If you don’t want to drill a hole in a PCI slot cover – which a monkey could do in five minutes, frankly – just buy a freestanding antenna with a cable, remove a PCI slot cover, and run the wire outside.

        There really isn’t any point in discussing any other solution, whether it’s replacing the whole case under warranty (insane!) or USB dongles.

        Just buy the antenna and cable. That is all.

  45. What cable length do I need?
    On eBay, I found one that is cheap, but it’s 18cm (approx 7″). Is that enough?

    • No, you need about 12″ to reach the PCI slots. I made the mistake of buying that 7″ one, but the antenna I got has a long cable so I just routed it out an open PCI slot for now (i.e. I just removed the PCI slot cover).

      • Cheers, shame the 7″ on eBay was real cheap, and I haven’t seen anything longer. I’ll have a look in the shops around here then.

    • I will measure mine later. The Bt module and the PCI slots are close.
      Quickly looking on ebay I’m sure mine was 13-16 cm..

    • I have to confess that the 12″ one was about 1/4″ too short for my 2008 machine too. So I soldered a little bit of extra cable onto the middle to extend it about an inch.

      It’s a little tricky doing that – the inner wire is very, very thin – but if you have one of those soldering alligator clip holder thingies with a magnifying glass (or just a magnifying glass) you can do it pretty easily. Also, heat shrink tubing and a heat gun is a good idea, but you can use electrical tape too.

      • Nick

        I assumed the wire was shielded by the braided wire exterior under the plastic coating, I have no problem soldering if that’s an option. Hows it working? Could you explain a little more?


      • Hi Bob – I hope I’m replying in the right place.

        To answer your second question first, it’s working perfectly.

        What I did was cut the original 7″ wire and use it, in fact if you’re in the US and want to send me your email address I’d be happy to mail you the extra.

        If I remember right the wire is insulation – braided shield – inner insulation – inner wire. And the inner insulation and wire are so tiny that it’s hard to see that you’re looking at insulation without a magnifying glass. (My eyes are still good – I don’t need reading glasses. :) ) But with a magnifying glass it’s not brain surgery; I used the little scissors on a miniature Swiss Army Knife to strip the cables.

        If you want an easy life and your antenna has a cable (as opposed to mounting directly to the PCI slot cover like Nobbly’s, just leave the slot cover off for now and run the wire directly to the short one while you wait for the longer one to arrive. That’s what I did.

      • Thanks Nick,

        I think I’ll see about special ordering a cable the proper length, I’ve waited since 2007, I guess I can wait another week or so. I’ve looked for RP-SMA extensions but it seems silly to put an extra 3′ of wire in there for no purpose and that’s the shortest I could find. Even a coupler might make it long enough but the only M->F I have found so far is a 90˚one and that would be of no help.

        Thanks for your reply

  46. Okay, so I bought this antenna:

    and that cable from ebay. Unfortunately I need to get a longer one for the permanent installation, because the one I got is only about 6″. My mistake.

    It’s working okay. I did have to run the antenna into my room (my computers are on a shelf in the garage on the other side of the wall, behind a trap door; either the density of the wall – which is a real plaster fire wall – or the chicken wire in it interferes with the BT signal too much.

    What a PITA though. I’m surprised a company as detail-oriented as Apple made a mistake like this.

    • Well Im glad to hear at least it works. Are you the one posting on the Apple discussion forums also?
      NIce antenna by the way…..
      all the best.

      • I posted there too, yes. My comment was that taking your machine in for service to have the case replaced is way more trouble than it’s worth – especially when I don’t believe for one minute that the case is the problem.

        And I also said that Applecare is a waste of money, like all extended warranties. :)

  47. I purchased a cable and wifi antenna. I installed it and it did not fix my reception problem. I dont know if it is a cable or antenna problem.

  48. Damn. i bought the D-Link adapter (v.C1 is what they’re shipping now) and it wasn’t recognized by a Mac Pro 8 x 2.8 running 10.6.3 or a MacBook Pro running 10.5.7.

    D-Link tech support doesn’t recommend this adapter on Macs. They flat out said that.

    So it’s going back to PC Mall…who want me to pay shipping both ways. I’ll post if they back down from that idea, but right now I’m a little annoyed at having to pay about $13 in shipping.

    • By the way, re: “don’t fixed what isn’t broken” – I would have bought the D-Link adapter if anyone in town had it. But it looks like it’s not working anymore either.

      Time to buy that little cable and a wi-fi antenna.

      • That’s the best way to go, you will enjoy doing it, be happy with the results and wish you had done it like this in the first place…

    • HI iNick sorry to hear that itt’s not working. I have updated the blog to include the info.

  49. Any chance I can get a wireless receiver from a BT Intellimouse Explorer to work? Anything to avoid spending money on this frustrating fix. :-(

    • Hi Michael. Sorry but I don’t know the answer to your question. I guess your asking because you have the Microsoft BT Transceiver. Just try it and see..

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  51. My Mac Pro (2009) and it’s new Magic Mouse aren’t exactly built do match, as it seems. Your description of getting the two of them happy together (well: the “easy” part, as the latter is no way for me, sorry, but thanks *g*), leads to the same problem I experienced when disabling the internal bluetooth module via the Bluetooth Explorer (part of the Xcode package): After returning from hibernation mode, the nice Magic Mouse multi-touch features won’t work.
    So I’ll hand my Mac Pro over to my Apple dealer, as he thinks replacing the bluetooth module might do the trick. Good having AppleCare Protection. Hopefully. ;)

      • Yes, the described issues occur just after wake up. After a fresh reboot everything works like a charm.

        But you might be right about the cause as I tried it with the Belkin Mini Bluetooth adapter. But as I bought it from the Apple Store I sort of assumed it had to work, otherwise: Why would they sell it there?
        So the next step is the Apple dealer so that he can replace the internal Bluetooth module. At least this won’t cause me no extra cost (except the inconvenience of having to bring the Mac Pro over in the morning and get it back in the evening).

      • I would guess that changing the internal Bluetooth module won’t change anything as the problem is with the antenna which Apple don’t yet have a fix for. Please let us know how you get on..

      • As I had the chance of moving my interior around a bit, I decided to do so first. This resulted in the Mac Pro now being located under the table almost perfectly below the Magic Mouse.
        Bluetooth reception seems to be good enough to deal with this tiny distance (approx. 50 cm). Therefore I won’t have my dealer try having the bluetooth module replaced. At least until I get myself a new table which might result in “the return of the stuttering mouse, part 2″. ;-)

      • Glad you got it sorted. I forgot to mention that what you did is also a possibility ie. to move your tower nearer your mouse..

  52. sd55wp..
    Like I said it’s notbroke don’t fix it…

  53. Some people have issues with the bluetooth usb dongle after rebooting. Either having to remove and insert the dongle or like me had to sit and wait about 2 minutes with the mouse stuck in the top left hand corner before it would work. Disconnecting the internal bluetooth solves this conflict.

  54. BUT I have in fact plugged a usb adaptor plug and… it works!
    My 2 bluetooths together are quite happy. In fact when plugged on my Mac Pro (2006 gen) with Mac OS X 10.6.3, the internal BT is stopped, and then few seconds later a “BT2.0″ device replace the BT on the Prefs panel. I just have to re-pair my devices, and now enjoy a 5 meters range with my BT headset (compared to 80 cm before)…
    For info, the dongle I bought is this one:

    and appears to be in fact a “hk-808 Cambridge Silicon Radio”

  55. very nice !
    I hope to do the same with a 2006 MacPro.

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