How to Install Imagenomic’s Portraiture on Lion (the easy way)

Wel it’s took me a long time to find a super easy way to install Portraiture on Lion. Those reading this will know what I’m talking about.

Things went sideways with Portraiture after the release of Lion and how Lion handles the permissions in the Preferences folder for the Plist file.

When you install Portraiture, and run, for the first time it will ask for your info and serial number it then writes a plist file with the licence information. The problem is, because the permissions are wrong, no Plist file  gets written and the next time you start you have to enter all the info again.

On the Imagenomic’s web forum there is a post explaining how to overcome this permissions problem but it’s 20 lines of restart, do this, do that and I have tried it 30 times and it never worked. So I have my own solution which is much easier.

1. Install Portraiture ready.

2. Download  batchmod

3.Open the following windows ( this is just for info so you  can see whats going on)

Open a finder window. From root go to Library , Right click Preferences and click “get info” leave it open ( note the permissions)

Now in finder open your /library/preferences folder and leave that open too.

4. Run BatChmod and add the “/Library/Preferences” FOLDER  and  make a mental note of the settings.

5. In BatChmod Change Owner settings to your user name. Make sure the ‘R” and “W” are checked in Group and Everyone. Click Apply. (you will be asked for you user password for changes to be made)

In your ‘get info’ window you now see the sharing and permissions changes to Read and write .

6. Go ahead and run Portraiture, fill in user details and serial number . After clicking Ok An imagenomic Plist file will be written which you can check in the finder window we opened earlier.

7.Last stage is to put the permissions back to how they were before in BatChmod. Apply changes and your finished.

Notes. If you can’t find the Imagenomic’s Plist files in the “/Library/Preferences” FOLDER something has not worked. try again.