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Brother HL 2040

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Brother Printer Broke (so lets fix it)

If your reading this, the chances are you have a problem with your printer. This came about when my father in law came to me with his Brother 2040 Laser printer which wasn’t working as it should. He had already taken it to the shop where he bought it from and they just cleaned the rollers which didn’t work. So he asked me.

so lets fix it

There was 2 faults so 2 repairs were needed. First was the paper wasn’t always being pulled through which is caused by a worn feed roller and second , (paper Jam) one too many pages being pulled through caused by a piece of sticky foam.

Repair 1 (paper not always being pulled through)

First job is to order your new set of rollers. I ordered mine from eBay $6.25 + postage from

Highly recommended. 1 week delivery from USA to Europe.

You can see the old rollers worn.

Remove all cables (USB and Power)

Remove paper tray

Pull down front flap and remove toner cartridge

We need to take off the left side cover so remove screw from the front

Pull down the back flap and remove screw from the back

Remove the left side cover ( it’s clipped at the bottom so a little force might be needed)

Turn the unit upside down  and remove the 6 screws from the plate.

Turn printer on its side so you can work on the left side. Pull back slightly the protection to reveal the gear and spring.

Remove spring and gear. To remove the gear there is a little clip which will need pushing with a small screwdriver.

Remove the bush arm by turning it to unlock it. Remove the roller shaft assembly 

Turn the printer upside down and unclip the link lever from the roller assembly 

Taking care not to lose the spring remove the roller assembly.

Remove the screw from the roller assy. Take note of the markings on the rollers very important for the rebuild.

pull off the gears and remove the rollers so you are left with 2 rollers.

Remove the roller rubbers with the aid of a screwdriver.

Fit new rubbers

rebuild in reverse order not forgetting the very important position of the marking on the gears.


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