Brother HL 2040 Laser Printer Repair solutions

Brother HL 2040 Laser Printer Repair solutions   Brother Printer Broke (so lets fix it) If your reading this, the chances are you have a problem with your printer. This came about when… Continue reading

What’s the next repair ?

Touch wood nothing in my life has gone wrong so I have been unable to come up with my next repair tutorial. My latest idea involves you to help me out. Either come… Continue reading

How to Install Imagenomic’s Portraiture on Lion (the easy way)

Wel it’s took me a long time to find a super easy way to install Portraiture on Lion. Those reading this will know what I’m talking about. Things went sideways with Portraiture after the… Continue reading

 Apple Technician Guide Mac pro 2009

Thanks to pete I discovered that there is such a thing as an Apple Technician Guide. To see it bigger click on Full Screen ENJOY nobbly

Oral B Triumph Battery replacement Video

Well finally  got round to doing a video on how to replace a battery in an Oral B electric toothbrush. I have now changed the videos to include the correct way to unscrew… Continue reading

Mac Pro Case coating causing Bluetooth Problems

It seems that Apple are changing the Mac Pro Case as a bluetooth fix. As the case design is the same could it be the metal coating has changed ? Here is an… Continue reading

How to Check your Bluetooth Connection

For those having problems with bluetooth there is a way to see your connection quality. You need to insert the OSX CD and install XCODE (options) After installation you will see it in… Continue reading

Is this Apple’s Bluetooth Fix ?

A MP user on an Australian Mac forum who was having BT problems has had his case(enclosure) replaced,by an Applecare Tech, which solved the problem. Is this the fix everybody has been waiting… Continue reading

BetterTouchTool for Magic Mouse

For those of you wanting more buttons, actions or control interfacing your Magic Mouse with your MAC why not try BetterTouchTool Can be downloaded form here Although in beta or alpha stage it… Continue reading

Reply From Jobs. (sort of)

Interestingly out of the blue a very nice women telephoned me from Apple Executive Relations. She mentioned the mail I had sent to Mr Jobs and went on to explain that they knew… Continue reading